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Body Balance

Cold Plunge System

Cold Plunge System

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High performance Cold Plunge. 

  • Complete set providing everything you need to plunge quickly & easily
  • Convenient plug-&-play design  
  • Portable all-in-one unit
  • Easy to set up & use in any space
  • Water cooling & heating from (3*c to 40*c, 37*F to 104*F)
  • Controlled on/off, temp, & ozone scheduling with touch screen and via Wi-Fi app (Android/iOS)
  • Constant clean purified water
  • 20 micron water filter & built-in Ozone disinfection device 
  • Built-in self-priming circulation pump & ultra-quiet pump design 
  • Automatic start-stop & temperature regulation system
  • No-tools-required quick connect & disconnect hose connections 
  • Made with strong & durable materials for long-lasting use  
  • Deep, spacious design for comfort & full submersion of all body types
  • Cools full tub from room temperature water to full cold in under 3hrs                      

    Long Lasting Health Benefits.

  • Reduce stress hormones like cortisol & norepinephrine
  • Reduce inflammation, promote recovery
  • Increase Dopamine levels
  • Improve motivation
  • Mend pleasure & reward systems in your body
  • Reduce symptoms of anxiety & depression
  • Enhance immune function & reduce risk of infection
  • Promote better sleep & regulate the sleep cycle
  • Help burn fat & regulate body temperature
  • Boost metabolism & increase daily energy level
  • Improve insulin sensitivity & glucose uptake
  • Reducing muscle fatigue & increase endurance
  • 1 year standard warranty


Tub Specs

  • Regular tub external dimensions: L50"xW25.5"xH26.4" 80 Gallons @ 90% (L1250xW650xH670mm 300L capacity)
  • Large tub external dimensions: L60"xW25.5"xH26.4" 103 Gallons @ 90% (L1500xW650xH670mm 390L capacity) 
  • Regular tub internal dimensions: L43"xW19.3"xH26.4" (L1090xW490xH670mm)
  • Large tub internal dimensions: L53"xW19.3"xH26.4" (L1340xW490xH670mm)
  • All come with hand pump, storage bag, and insulated cover
  • Large Tub can easily fit two people
  • Custom sizing is available for extra large tubs, Send us an email or inquiry on our webstore chat. 

    Please read all of our store policies before making a purchase. 

 User Manual PDF Preview: Download

How to use


Free shipping to your door in Canada and the United States on all products over $500.00. Duties and/or Taxes and applicable fees will be required to be paid by the customer through a text notification from DHL Express. This rate varies based on what state/province you live in. Current lead time is 5-20 business days after your order is processed for Cold Plunge products.

Please read our complete shipping policy at the footer of the webpage.

Return policy

Enjoy a comprehensive 2-year warranty on all of our cold plunge chillers. Should you encounter any problems, please reach out to us. Your satisfaction and product performance are our top priorities, and we're committed to ensuring you're fully supported. Please visit our warranty policy for more information.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Salvatore Raffaele

Received the tub today and just used it. I recommend going with the bigger tub 6.4+. I’m 6 feet 255lbs and it was perfect.


Sent the wrong size tub! Didn’t even think to measure. The regular is tiny. Waiting for a response.
Received our new business plunge, excitement turned to disappointment with a scratched LCD screen. They sent a replacement and a small refund. Discovered a stripped plastic piece when attaching hoses, had to cut it. Unclear cooling time; emailed and found out it takes 3-5 hours, even in 45-degree California weather. Tub too short for a 6ft person; filled just above the second hose line, but still spills out.

Best Purchase In a While

I can honestly say that this was one of my best purchases I have made in a while. The tub construction is top quality and super easy to inflate, which took about two minutes. Attaching the condenser to the tub was easy since the ports were color coded. The condenser display is colored and easy to follow and navigate. The iPhone app is also easy to navigate and you’re able to control the temperature from any remote settings. Overall, I am very pleased with this purchase and we recommend to anyone who wants to get involved in cold plunging.

Kayd Larsen
Happy to leave a 5 star review.

I began daily cold plunges in January of 2023 using my bathtub. Immediately I started noticing benefits from increased energy and mood, to reduced stress and anxiety. As we hit the summer months it became harder for me to keep the water at a temperature below 55 degrees F. That’s when is started doing my research on cold plunges and found Body Balance. Body Balance walked me through every step and answered the million questions I had, while also keeping me informed throughout the shipping process. I have had the cold plunge for two weeks now. Simple to setup, easy to operate and the wifi controls make this a product of convenience. Comparing the quality and price points to similar plunges, this one was a no brainer.

I am a husband, father of 3 small boys and entrepreneur. I consider myself very active, but not an athlete by any means.

Kayd L.

Chris Williamson
Best Cold Plunge Out There

I've been looking for a quality cold plunge for months after learning about all the health benefits regular cold exposure gives. Most of the products I've seen are cheap and not very functional. This cold plunge is fantastic. The size is perfect for almost anyone, other plunges often are like little tubes that are terribly uncomfortable, if you can even fit in it. The temperature control is excellent and exactly what someone needs who is looking to gain specific benefits from cold exposure. Thanks to this cold plunge I start every day off with a running start exponentially boosting my mood and mental energy. For my money there's no better plunge on the market than body balance/